Classic White Pepper Live Alaskan King Crab

Best noted for the chunks of sweet meat packed inside its long legs, the tenderly juicy and sweet flesh gets a dash of local flavour with Long Beach's special white pepper sauce, which is a perfect blend of delicate spices. Size from 3kg - 10kg. A MUST TRY!

Live Australian King Crab

Air flown from Australia, this rare crab best enjoyed for its roe, steamed with chicken broth and chinese wine or with Long Beach special white pepper sauce. Size from 3kg-10kg.

Live Australian Snow Crab

This interesting white colored crab is enjoyed best steamed with chicken broth and chinese wine or with Long Beach white pepper.

Famous Black Pepper Crab

Created by our restaurant, our signature dish is slightly spicy but not overpoweringly hot, a perfect marriage of pepper and succulent crab meat. A MUST TRY!

Popular Chilli Crab

Cooked with sweet and savoury tomato and chilli flavors, it is usually served with fried/steamed buns to sop up the delicious sauce. A MUST TRY!

Live Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Stock Steamboat

Air flown, this unique clam has a crisp texture and light flavor. Best eaten sashimi style, it can also be lightly cooked in superior stock steamboat.

Australian Lobster Sashimi with Superior Steamboat

From the deep seas, the crispness of the lobster is loved by customers in its pure raw form. It can also be lightly cooked in superior stock steamboat.

Live Golden Stripe Lobster

This exquisite dish is stir fried with sweet flakes which complements and brings out the taste of the lobster. A MUST TRY!

Portuguese Style Live Lobster (Available only at MAIN)

Drizzled with a cream based sauce, this dish is a hot favourite amongst diners. A MUST TRY!

Live Tiger Sea Mantis with Golden Garlic

Once you get past the intimidation of how it looks like, the taste of this dish is unforgettable.

Steamed Live Scottish Razor Clam with Minced Garlic

Steamed lightly, the delicate flavor is brought out by the minced garlic and woven glass noodles. A MUST TRY!

Portuguese Style Scottish Scallop

Topped with quality cheese and baked to a golden brown, this classic never fails to satisfy the tastebuds of our customers.

Baked Live Canadian Oyster with Cheese

Air flown in, our large Canadian oysters are enjoyed best with quality cheese or eaten raw.

Live Alaskan Hokikai Sashimi

Large fresh clams from the deep waters of Alaska that can also be served cooked with minced garlic.

Live Murasaki Uni with blue crab meat (Seasonal - Available only at Dempsey & King)

Fresh sea urchin, best known for its sweet roe, this dish is not to be missed.

Live Fragrant Mouse Cowrie

An exotic seafood, the cowrie is cooked with a slightly tangy sauce that brings out the unique taste of this dish.

Butter Live Crayfish

Lightly stir fried, the crayfish remains tender yet is full of the delectable taste of the butter.

BBQ Live Golden Phoenix Fish (Available only at MAIN & KING)

The fragrant marinade and light charcoal taste together with this fish species makes it one of the popular dishes to order. Unique to Long Beach only, it is A MUST TRY!

Live Large Green Wrasse Sashimi with Rich Tomato Stock Steamboat

The deep sea fish served raw to allow its diners to appreciate the fullness of this deep sea delicacy, served together with a steamboat.

Deep Fried Live Grouper with Mango in Thai Style

Fried with Mango, this dish is a playful mix of sweet and savoury.

Claypot Live Marble Goby

The freshwater fish with the tasty soup leaves a light but unforgettable taste on the tastebuds.

House Specialty Prawn

Created in 1995, this delicious prawn is cooked with our chef's special recipe.

Crispy Kang Kong with Cuttlefish (Available Dempsey & King only)

Crisp fried vegetables paired with the jelly like consistency of the cuttlefish combined with sweet sauce make this a favourite amongst diners.

Renowed Crispy Duck

Cooked with a myriad of herbs, it is well marinated. Crispy on the outside and specially fried, this dish is flavorful with every bite. A MUST TRY!

Special Roast Chicken

Well marinated, the chicken is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and full of flavor.

Thai-Style Fresh Baby Squid (seasonal)

This sour and spicy dish will whet your appetite for the dishes ahead.

Crab with XO Bee Hoon( Available only Dempsey & KING)

Slow cooked to perfection, the beehoon packs a punch with the XO and sweet taste of the crabs.

Flat Rice Noodles with ‘La La’ King (Available only at Dempsey and KING)

Cooked with clams, these noodles are an interesting play on the palette with its mixture of both soft and crispy noodles.

Pan Fried Rice in ‘Jasin’ Style (Available only at MAIN)

Caramelized onions atop pan-fried rice- a quaint way to sum up the meal.

Kerting Style Crispy Rice Roll (Available only at MAIN)

Pan fried rice roll with a slightly spicy sauce

‘Fu Tian’ Cold Ramen (Available only at MAIN)

Cold noodles served with fresh, grated vegetables drizzled with a simple sauce

Claypot Shimeji & Enoki Mushroom with Baby Cabbage in Superior Stock

A light vegetable dish that is a constant favourite

Pumpkin Mousse Dessert (Available only at MAIN)

The smooth pumpkin mousse with ice cream sums up a meal perfectly.

Durian Pudding

Made from fresh "Mao Shan" durian fruit, each mouthful is flavorful with bittersweet durian pulp.

Durian Crumble Tart (Available only at King)

Handcrafted and created by our chefs, the King of fruits is reimagined in a crumbly tart that perfects the end of a satisfying seafood meal.

Sweet Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts

This warm yam dessert is one of the must tries with its smooth finish and sweetness that is not too cloying. Coupled with Ginko Nuts and coconut milk, it is not to be missed!

Sago Pudding (Available only at MAIN)

A light and refreshing dessert, it is given a Singaporean twist with the addition of Gula Melaka and coconut ice cream.

Special Violet Mousse (Available only at MAIN)

A sweet mousse, the purple is a natural color from the root it is extracted from. Topped with the ice cream, it is a unique dessert.

‘ Gui Hua ’ & Aloe Vera with Lemon Grass Jelly (Available only at Dempsey & King)

This cool jelly dessert has hints of floral notes and has a play of different textures with the addition of aloe vera.

Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream

This glutinous rice dessert is not too grainy or too diluted but achieves a perfect balance, coupled with quality ice cream, it is one of our signature desserts.

Coffee Pudding

A light pudding flavored with aromatic coffee, the coffee pudding is an alternative for those who are not too keen on our famous durian pudding.